Friday, 19 October 2012

Very Very Sweet, Yet Very Sexy Short Hairstyles ?

If you like super short cuts with a bit of edge, then this photo gallery of 20 amazing hairstyles is for you. Let's start with Michelle Williams's pixie hairstyle, which just so happens to be the most requested hairstyle in US salons, according to Elle Magazine. Williams talked to Elle UK earlier this year about her super popular hairstyle (which she surely didn't know has since become very popular among American women).

Evan Rachel Wood rocks an edgy short ‘do that not everyone can pull off. Tame it down with soft, girly makeup.

No one is better known for their sexy short ‘do than Halle Berry. The actress has recently grown it out a little to sport the tousled look
It seems women do really love the cut, because it's hugely popular.

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